Wednesday, August 19, 2009

An uneventful day is a good day!

M. came over and we finally made a real dent into the basement! Just need to file some more papers and pack! And keep picking up things and putting them in the right place. She set up the wii for me today. We love to play bowling. We also ordered Brain Academy online.

Daughter L, and I ate dinner last night at Los Bravos. It was good to see her since the Bachelorette party in Florida.

Top Chef's on tonight!!! Yay! 3 Chefs from Atlanta! Way to go!

Still no nickel allergy. So it's looking like Tuesday is a 'go'. EEEEKKKKKKKK pain pills today either!

We ordered Chinese for dinner. My fortune said...'Next week something green will come into your life'. My kid said, gangrene. I say it's the lottery. Don says it's the Doctor's scrubs.

1 comment:

  1. EEK. It's Tuesday? Take your computer with you (if you can) so I can see how you're doing...

    A no pain pill day is a good day...HUGS!