Friday, June 25, 2010

Quick check in at 10 months.

Wow, it's been ten months today. Memories are scary. But, the legs are doing really well. Drs visit 2 weeks ago went well....the knees are strong and not swollen. I did kneel on the rug to get something from under the sofa the other, so they are a little ouch as far as the tissue from doing that. But it's all okay. Never thought I'd say that. I'm a little lazy on the excercise side of things.

Dr. was very busy last visit, and office was a little bit not friendly. Lesson learned---don't go to a dr's officeon a Friday afternoon. Didn't quite get all my questions answered. But on the flip side, I'm fine so they didn't think I needed much attention.

Not sure if my body will totally be the same. My ROM will probably never be as good. So I will not be completely normal. Things take longer in everything I do. And it gets frustrating. But it's a lot better than the other side.

Scars are a little bit hypertrophic for my skintone which is unusual. But all is good.

Well, that's it for checking in. It sure helps me make a reference point when I go back to recall my progress.

A hot summer. Kiddos seem okay. Once just returned from Chicago for 8 days. Glad she got to see part of the USA she'd never seen. Other one hanging in there nannying and doing some p/t office work for a friend of mine. Will look good on the resume one day. I am trying to find some type of part time job again. Economy not doing so well so that's going to be nearly impossible. Anything to pay some bills. I think I may have said that last month.

Have a good summer, stay cool, stay healthy, and thanks for reading.