Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Slippity, do, da..........

Slipped right on out of the bed Saturday evening.. and fell on top of my knee cap, and shoulder. Ice took it down a good bit. Daughter thinks it looks terrible, it really doesn't to me. Must have some swelling in it as it's popping. Yes those PERFECTLY operated knees are POPPING!! Slapping myself on the head.

Messageboard Nurse says it's really hard to mess up a knee, they can take huge hit, and it's probably got fluid on it which is making it pop. But I will probably call the darn PA today to let them know, as I have released from OS's office until July!!!

Tomorrow is my knees 6-month birthday!

Supposed to snow in about an hour or so.

Yesterday was a really good day re: my kiddos. Can't explain now. But will later. They are great kiddos. God bless them, God has blessed them. Spouse gone downtown to seminar. Dogs and I have house to ourselves! I think I will make spaghetti. Did I get off topic or what????

Monday, February 8, 2010

Dear Diary,

Dear Diary:

I have been busy. How about you?

It's been almost 3 months!!

I was busy with a BFF funeral, a family wedding, and the holidays!

Now let's get to the point of my Blog. It was 'go back to the Doctor' day today! After almost 3 months, I have been anxious. I'm doing pretty well. Haven't regressed any since my insurance won't pay for PT, which is good. They had some suggestions for me to get some better strength and range of motion. All went well. I reminded them about my shoulder (OS does them too). They decided to do an X-ray. And sho'nuff, my friend Arthur Itis has made his entrance. A spur in the rotator cuff, which means, bone is rebuilding from degrading and it makes spurs, as it did in my knee. Thanks Arthur! I will live with it, or do injections or scoping is last resort. Arthur, PLEASE stay away.

I am now officially off of Ultram for 2 feel a lot of weird things around my body. I have the non-extended Ultram to-be-filled to wean off. Hopefully my short term memory short recall problem will go away.

Just not sure how to deal with 2 bad knees, neuroma in my foot, and my newly diagnosed arthritis in my shoulder. I don't know how to define myself. I do not think I can work any longer. I need to work for money, insurance, mind, sanity, and you name it! Don't know if I am insurable as I need to change it. I really defy being a cripple, so I will work harder on that and check back with you!!

Anyway, they have given me excercises to do, to strengthen my arm...kind of like the knee thing. So I will be at the gym tomorrow.

Kind of feel bummed tonight as you see. BUT my kiddo went with me and was such a big help in recalling what Dr's office said. I went back to the Rehabilation Center I was in. Ick. It was helpful mentally to see it and leave it again. Yucky icky o.

I am grateful though and love life enough to fight this. I have just got to step up and fight harder.

Bye diary. I'll check in sooner next time, I promise!!!!!!!