Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Neur what?

2 month visit went fine and dandy. Got my hug from the good looking Doc!!!

No more PT. I am on my own. Got something for swelling....swelling is normal and is called lymphdema...just the lymphs trying to find their way back to normal.

Also have a neuroma. Never heard of that. Thought it was my knee shooting off pain to the foot. It's a nerve pain caused by old age.

The 'c' button fell off my computer. Makes typing tough.

Orders are to keep moving and active: My mission...guess I better join a pool or gym. Not exactly the gym type. But guess I gotta do something.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hanging in.....

Have my 10 week operating surgeon visit tomorrow (Monday). Guess I need to make a list of 'gripes'. Well, I guess I didn't realize recovery was going to be so 'long'. Or that I still would not be sleeping after 2 months, or my walking would barely be...not sure what I call 'my walk'. Well standing is tough too. And always having to 'stash' the good pain pills for an emergency such as sleeping. Oh well.

Now that this freaking health care bill is up for talk, I now recall 3 months ago, in joint replacement class, all the people SCARED this would happen...and it's now oh so close!

Anyway, hopefully my visit tomorrow will be good. He's a nice Dr. Guess the main thing to work out is PT, which insurance won't pay for. I need to get the list in my head on paper so I won't appear all over the place.

See ya later! : )