Thursday, March 25, 2010

7 months!

Just quickly typing in, for future reference. Knees are doing pretty good. The one I fell on is giving me fits though. Painful and makes my hip/groin area hurt. I think I'd rather sit on my ass than have the hips go! Makes me wonder if I should have seen the Doc over the PA. Just don't know what to do about it. Guess I'll wait until July. Ugh.

Kids are busy with their jobs, oldest ones last day serving tables is tomorrow. She is working for a security firm now, and has a couple of resumes out...had an interview this week. This job would actually be in her field...can you believe that? Praying it goes the way that's best for her. Other kiddo plugging away at her nanny/sitting job. Spouse is waiting for a ruling from a judge. Me, well I may bake cookies tomorrow with my new mixer. (forget the job thing)

This economy sucks. Healthcare thing really sucks. Not that it didn't need improving...but my goodness where is the money going to come from?

Off to get another popsicle.

: )