Saturday, July 24, 2010

11 months!

Wow-wee! It was just over a year ago I was told I needed new knees, July 16th to be exact. What a year!

Went off of celebrex due to insurance not covering it. It was a hard drug to get on, then I was on it, and fine. Then ran out. Have some again thanks to a friend who gave me her samples. Hard time getting back on it. Having some trouble with all over arthritis. Everything generally hurts which is odd. My knees just have regular pain. Not sure what's going on. But Celebrex may kick in..dunno. Won't go to my August appt. as I had a lot of follow ups after my fall and insurance won't cover it.

Knees are doing very well. No problem walking. Hop on the bike when I feel weakness in the upper muscle/groin/hip area. Need to keep it up! Someone spank me.

Had a great time in the Bahamas. My selfish gift to myself and family that put up with those 10 months. It was great. I did love that water. But, I did not end up snorkeling . Well, excuse...everything just takes longer than it used to. It's hard to explain. Just dressing tougher. But I was given different advice on frog kick swimming. And I just chose to float. Didn't want to pull 2 knees out in a foreign land. It was WONDERFUL!!

Put my big girl panties on the other day and chose to call whom I owed. And hospital was typically rude as sh22t. They have been paid 20K by my dumb ass cat. insurance and over 70 on my carrier. And we are fighting over a hundred here and there.

I was able to find the Director of Rehab center where I went. She was kind enough to look over my bill questions and got them settled. Well almost. I think I may refuse to pay one of them. I think they should have run my insurance b4 they took me in and didn't. Said I signed a waiver. See what you sign when you get double knees knocked off!

Knees are doing well. I am wearing shorter stuff. Stamina...still working on. Peeps generally kind. Kiddos joke around about my still existing toilet seat. Life is good.

Wish I had my Mom and Dad. Don't like being the adult.

: ) Life is good to me. Just help me Lord find a job.

Thanks for reading.