Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oops...I didn't forget!

It's the 27th and I didn't forget it was knee anniversary day, Sunday the 25th.

Sunday was kind of a hard day and was waiting to post here. I think my anniversary dates are jinxed or something. Anyway...with the rain over the weekend...someone asked my spouse why I was limping. I was in the process of walking away and overheard it. Yes, I knew I was hurting and not sure why/what was hurting.

Sunday my daughter turned to me, and said, "Mom, you are walking all wrong. You've lost your gait. You are limping, and one side of your body is lower than the other." Oh my. I went to my knee messageboard to see my buddies. The nurse there thinks it sounds like my hip. Oh, I am praying so hard it's not. I haven't even celebrated my new knees yet officially, waiting for husband's slip 'n fall case to be conintued or settled that he's been working of for over 4 years. So we never get to go anywhere.

Anyway, PA just called from the OR and I am going in on Thursday to see what's going on. She says it may just be tendonitis, or did she say bursitis? Oh well.

Good excuse to take one of those little pain pills I squirreled away for a couple of days. The Advil and ES Tylenol work but are pretty hard on the little tummy.

Anyway, enough of that...got my diary of my knee documented.

Mary's doing well in her nannying, seems to have almost enough work to keep her busy. Daugther L, did get that job and is quite busy. I may even be able to go to the Foodnetwork Metro Show Friday for free.

Anyway, hi Lois. I have tried to respond to your blog but I think BLOG thing has changed, just trying to sign in on here after a month. Maybe I have it figured out.

Till Thurssday.

Knees are doing very well, just gone one that slowed down a little after falling. Try not to fall out of the bed.