Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Slippity, do, da..........

Slipped right on out of the bed Saturday evening.. and fell on top of my knee cap, and shoulder. Ice took it down a good bit. Daughter thinks it looks terrible, it really doesn't to me. Must have some swelling in it as it's popping. Yes those PERFECTLY operated knees are POPPING!! Slapping myself on the head.

Messageboard Nurse says it's really hard to mess up a knee, they can take huge hit, and it's probably got fluid on it which is making it pop. But I will probably call the darn PA today to let them know, as I have released from OS's office until July!!!

Tomorrow is my knees 6-month birthday!

Supposed to snow in about an hour or so.

Yesterday was a really good day re: my kiddos. Can't explain now. But will later. They are great kiddos. God bless them, God has blessed them. Spouse gone downtown to seminar. Dogs and I have house to ourselves! I think I will make spaghetti. Did I get off topic or what????

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  1. Yikes! Hope it's not painful... I'm excited that good things are in the works for the kiddos. Kiddos always need good things!