Friday, August 21, 2009

Still up!!

I passed my nickel allergy test. So I guess the engine's on. May God's love be with me and thee. I'm begging, not just kidding.

I phoned the SOS/ortho place. Phone was not working so well....and finally after about 50 rings, someone answered. I left a message that I had no rash. Hopefully message was transmitted.

Then, I will swear to you, hospital called and told me my health insurance would not go through. Monday, they scanned my health card. So Thursday, they run it? And call me and tell me I do not exist? Oh crapola, I have so much more to deal with right now than idiots that cannot do their jobs.

Told them to CALL me after they re-CONFIRMED my ID #.

Then I get a call, while I am out in my car, asking me to pay my 10k coPAY on spot. Um. Wait a second. Let me pull over and go to my ATM and I will pay BY PHONE AND GIVE YOU 10K dollars on a phone call?

I have no problem with American healthcare. And I have not been wronged, and luckily enough to have 10K(in increments) to pay plan. But, I hate idiots, And peeps that do not acknowledge what I have paid into it thus far. Tomorrow's homework, will put me back in my last minute plans. Really ired in that they are having me get into these issues at this point.

OHMIGOSH when Obama takes it over we will be Canada and England and it will just get worse.

Okay rant's over.

Take care my friends.

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  1. If it were "public medicine" you'd be waiting 4 years for this surgery, IF they found it necessary...

    Folks don't get it.