Sunday, August 23, 2009

Laundry, packing, friends, family....

Getting one stack for hospital, one for the nursing home (that has rehab in it), some old clothes I will simply have thrown away once I get to the hospital so no one has to fool with it.. Doing laundry. Throwing out trash.

Phone and IM's going on.....I think peeps realize, like I, that time's a tickin'.

Not feeling too anxious today. Am okay. I think.

Disc is showing no reaction at all. Bandaid is more irritating to the skin.

Sun is shining...feel fall coming on. I love fall. A new beginning arrives.

So all is well, and like my Cousin, I also feel blessed. She's cool. (Ok, I'm still mad at my knees)

I think my family is taking me out to dinner! I think I am going to pick something that won't be easy to get for the next few weeks. Mexican! OLE!


  1. awwww, thanks! For what it's worth, my knees have been giving me fits, but I'm hanging...

    Have some guacamole for me!

  2. Sorry about your knees. Don't wait too late like I did. There's some things they can do before late-stage.

    Thanks for stopping in!