Thursday, August 13, 2009

My first blog post!

12 days until surgery. I should be up at Piedmont getting my EKG and bloodwork done. But walking through the hospital and parking...well I would have to take a pain pill. And if I took a pain pill, I couldn't drive. Hence...I am on my computer.

This is my journey through something that is hard to explain. When your knees can't carry you any longer, you become a burden to yourself and those around you. All the things I love to do, walk on the beach, work retail, grocery shop, cook........I cannot do any longer.

So one day, I know, I am going to post that I am back to what I used to do. Having just had my first birthday past my 50th year......I have to get this 'thing' done and live this precious life God gave me.

I think this may sound like a pity post. Probably is. The box at my front door was huge, that said COMMODE on it. I am not sure how long it was sitting there either! Oh well. The real pitiful part is when people see me walk, limp, hold onto walls....and a little weeping. Or sometimes I forget, and I laugh a lot.

Okay, so I got this page set up. I will come back and lend a blog on how all this started. Thanks for reading.