Thursday, May 6, 2010

A little follow-up....

Thank God, my hip x-rayed fine. because if I needed them replaced, I'd have to go to a 3rd world country to do so. Seems I have bursitis in both knees, tendonitis behind knee cap I fell on, and hip flexar bursitis or whatever. These things all come together to cause this new pain and limping. So they prescribed 3 weeks of 3 PT sessions. And nope, insurance does not cover this. BCBS turned me down. Knee replacement's automatic turn down. United Healthcare, which I applied to online, called yesterday, while I was headed to PT, and boy were they a mess.

They think I had a baby. They wondered why I had blood thinners, NSAIDs, and you name it. What dodo's. It will never go through. Guess if something goes out, I will wait like Canada or UK for help as they do. Won't get into that any further. Poor Doctors. My Doc, Grandfather, must be awfully restless now.

Kiddos are fine. Nanny business slowed down a little bit over the last week or two, but Mary has some appts. and it may pick up. Otherwise, she'll have to do more. L is in Destin in her traveling office. She was able to be personal escorts at food show this past weekend....doing so with Paula Deen and hubbie Michael, Mario Batali...too cool, Bobby Flay, and one other.

Mary is headed to Nashville to the Steeplechase in the morning. A friend of ours was kind enough to drive to the field and check out the conditions.

My friends in Memphis, Nashville, and even Atlanta....what devastation. My house we sold almost 4 years ago flooded in Sept. Most of the neighborhood was flooded hugely, and they are still out of their houses, with 5' flooding at least, Didn't make the news I guess. Our old house, we had 2 FEMA policies, that only covered if the house was taken off its foundation and declared a total loss, but no contents. So if we were still living there, our ground floor would have been uninsured. God bless these folks in these areas in this new devastation. areas

Lastly, Dr. switched me to Celebrex. It causes some severe nausea...kind of like being pregnant. Barfing feeling goes away as the day goes on. Plus, of course, my catastrophic policy doesn't cover RX...and it was 250.00. Think I may go back to Mobic.

But besides my weak leg, I am DOING GREAT!!! Life is great. Kids are great. Economy still sucks. Ran into 2 folks who lost their jobs last week, just yesterday.

Happy Mother's Day to all Mom's, step-moms, to Moms who raised us we remember, and to anyone who is a woman who takes care of anyone.

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  1. Yup, Doc is probably having a cow with the state of healthcare (at the fault of insurance providers). The care is fine, but it boils down to insurance needing to be reformed. They are keeping costs high through bureacracy and limiting competition.

    I remember mom telling me that if no one could pay, Doc would accept whatever they wanted to pay-- eggs, etc (like a barter system).

    Maybe we need to revisit this system. It worked in the past.