Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday, Monday...

Spouse is taking the car into the body shop as I type. Finally found a ride to follow him. A woman hit the Navigator in the hospital parking lot. Poor girl, she was nice enough to leave a note. Her husband was electrocuted and shattered his ankle. They haven't had enough money to pay for the car damages until now...and spouse was nice enought to wait.

PT going pretty slow. I had my first post op visit last Friday. Doctor wants me to do out patient PT now. So need to call and set up the visits. It's in Vinings so it's very close! Last week, home nurse called to say insurance required me to write a check for 75.00 per visit. So I guess that means money will start to fly out the need to make the most of every visit!!!

Not much else going on. Getting a little bored, guess that's a good sign.


  1. sounds like you're coming along really well. YAY!

  2. Hey Boze,

    How are you doing now? How's your pain, ROM, and walking going?

    I was just looking back through my blog and saw your comment on my first post and wanted to say Hi! I'm at 11.5 weeks now post Bi-Lateral TKR, and doing very well. I need to update my blog ( my last post was at 8 weeks. I started riding my mountain bike 2 weeks ago; I figured, why not as I was riding the stationary bike in PT.

    I owe my great recovery to Our Lord Jesus Christ, a great surgeon, and a product that reduces pain and cellular inflammation called Max-Gxl (! Should you have any questions about any of these subjects, just ask!

    There's a great forum that has all sorts of joint replacement folks; just visit: and click on the forum button.

    Keep me Posted!

    Take Care!


  3. Hi Tom. Thanks for stopping by. I have read your posts on bonsemart! You are very inspirational and a real trooper! I need to update my blog for sure!